Located at Cafe Negril,
606 Frenchmen Street


For Delivery: 5 PM to 9:30 PM

Call: 504 644 35 12

For Pick up: 5PM to 1 AM

Call: 504 510 2522
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Welcome To Rubens Taco Truck!

Lots of gooey, bubbly cheese, rich tasty red sauce, loads of yummy meats such as... Spicy pepperoni,sizzling Italian sausage & bacon, layers of Delicious Pineapple and Ham.....tangy green peppers, taste popping Jalapeno, and sprinkled with luscious black olives, all on top a soft, hot,lip smacking hand tossed crust! mmmmmmm........ Now I'm hungry! at Cafe Negril

Rubens, hard at work and lovin' it!

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Where Are We?

The locals gather on Frenchman Street! Cafe Negril is nestled right in the heart of the action. Live music every night of the year, this is where you'll find us!

606 Frenchman Street, between Royal and Chartres Streets. Easy walking distance from the French Quarter.

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